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Localization Screens

Clones from a rat YFP-tagged cDNA library in REF52 cells prepared according to the "Localization to migratory structure" protocol.

If you are interested in any of the cDNA clones (identified below by their screening ID number) or would like further information on specific clones, please contact:

Prof. Benny Geiger
Dept. of Molecular Biology
The Weizmann Institute of Science
Rehovot 76100, ISRAEL

Tel: ++972-8-934 3910 or 4069
FAX: ++972-8-946 5607 or 4125
email: benny.geiger@weizmann.ac.il
Geiger WWW site
ID code Localization Image Genbank

5c8_3 cytoplasmic image  
6f12 cytoplasmic image  
8c4 cytoplasmic image  
7d9 cytoplasmic image  
7m13 cytoplasmic image  
6d5 cytoplasmic image  
5j24 cytoplasmic image  
7l20 cytoplasmic image  
6f13 cytoplasmic image  
8h18_2 cytoplasmic image  
7b5 cytoplasmic image  
6h7_2 cytoplasmic image  
2d11_2 cytoplasmic image  
2h3 cytoplasmic image  
2g13 cytoplasmic image  
2d5_3 cytoplasmic image  
2d2_2 cytoplasmic image  
6k11 cytoplasmic plus image  
8h2 cytoplasmic plus image  
8k19 cytoplasmic plus image  

2d8_4 cytoskeletal image  
2d13 cytoskeletal image  
2e6 cytoskeletal image  
2e10 cytoskeletal image  
2f1_3 cytoskeletal image  
2f16 cytoskeletal image  
6h9_2 cytoskeletal image  
7l19 cytoskeletal image  
8o4_2 cytoskeletal image  
7k20 cytoskeletal image  
6k3 cytoskeletal image  
6f1_2 cytoskeletal image  
8o15_3 cytoskeletal image  
6j22_2 cytoskeletal image  

7f16 ER like image  
7h9 ER like image  
8m6_4 ER like image  
6j4_3 ER like plus image  
6L18 ER like plus image  
6j4_2 ER like plus image  

0il1 focal adhesion, stress fibers image AL136646 RC_GAP72

5b14 golgi like image  
8d3 golgi like image  
5j20 golgi like image  
8f11 golgi like image  

8b13 membranal image  
2f21 membranal image  
6g23_2 membranal + effect image  
5d23 membranal plus image  
2d13_2 membranal plus image  

6c14 mitochondrial image  
5f12 mitochondrial image  
6d3_3 mitochondrial image  
5d13 mitochondrial image  
6j22 mitochondrial image  
6h5 mitochondrial image  
6h23 mitochondrial image  
7m18 mitochondrial image  
7i1_2 mitochondrial image  
8d19 mitochondrial image  
8h8_2 mitochondrial image  
8b10_3 mitochondrial image  
8i19 mitochondrial image  
8d11 mitochondrial + effect image  

5c11 nuclear image  
5g2 nuclear image  
6g11 nuclear image  
6c14_2 nuclear image  
7g3 nuclear image  
7n9 nuclear image  
7m19 nuclear image  
8e19 nuclear image  
8n18 nuclear image  
5h11 nuclear membrane plus image  
8L20 nuclear membrane plus image  
8m6 nuclear membrane plus image  
8o19 nuclear membrane plus image  
5c23 nuclear plus image  
5j23 nuclear plus image  
5h21 nuclear plus image  
5l10 nuclear plus image  
7f9_2 nuclear plus image  
7j14 nuclear plus image  
8i4 nuclear plus image  
8i20 nuclear plus image  
5c4_3 nuclear plus image  
5h19_2 nuclear plus image  
5e10 nuclear plus image  
5o10 nuclear plus image  
5e21 nuclear plus image  
6o2 nuclear plus image  
7L10 nuclear plus image  
6o5 nuclear plus image  
7g19 nuclear plus image  
6j9 nuclear plus image  
7f13 nuclear plus image  
8b16_2 nuclear plus image  
7n17 nuclear plus image  
6b22 nuclear plus image  
6c18 nuclear plus image  
2h6_5 nuclear plus image  
2f1 nuclear plus image  
5g7 nuclear plus image  
5j23_3 nuclear plus image  
5m18 nuclear plus image  
6o6 nuclear plus image  
7h1 nuclear plus image  
7f1_2 nuclear plus image  
7j6 nuclear plus image  
7i4 nuclear plus image  
7m5_2 nuclear plus image  
7m6_2 nuclear plus image  
7m12 nuclear plus image  
8i4_3 nuclear plus image  
8o15 nuclear plus image  
8o18 nuclear plus image  
8o24 nuclear plus image  
8e8_2 nuclear plus image  
6b4 nuclear plus image  
5o11 nuclear plus image  
7l19_2 nuclear plus image  
8e14 nuclear plus image  

8o3_3 nucleolar image  
8h21 nucleolar image  
8m8 nucleolar image  
7h23 nucleolar image  
7l8 nucleolar image  
7j9_2 nucleolar image  
8b9_3 nucleolar image  
7f23 nucleolar image  
5e19_2 nucleolar image  
5g5 nucleolar image  
8e20 nucleolar plus image  
8e12 nucleolar plus image  

8i12 other image  
6e5 other image  

8o6_2 perinuclear plus image  
6j2 perinuclear plus image  
8d24 perinuclear plus image  
6j5 perinuclear plus image  

2j21 stress fibers image NM_057148 septin2

5i5 other image  
5L19 other image  
5m19 other image  
6b5 other image  
6f14 other image  
6j22_3 other image  
6k5 other image  
6n18 other image  
7f3 other image  
7i1 other image  
7i13 other image  
7m18_2 other image  
8d22 other image  
8h18_4 other image  
5019_3 other image  
5h23 other image  
5h23_2 other image  

6L5 vesicles/particles image  
7b4 vesicles/particles image  
7o11_2 vesicles/particles image  
8e17 vesicles/particles image  
5c8 vesicles/particles image  
5d11 vesicles/particles image  
7d19 vesicles/particles image  
7f8_2 vesicles/particles image  
7i22 vesicles/particles image  
7n6 vesicles/particles image  
8d8 vesicles/particles image  
8f9 vesicles/particles image  
8m4 vesicles/particles image  
8n5_2 vesicles/particles image  
8o14_2 vesicles/particles image  
8h13 vesicles/particles image  
6g23 vesicles/particles image  
5o20 vesicles/particles image  
8d16 vesicles/particles image  
8f14 vesicles/particles image  
8g20_2 vesicles/particles image  
7b4_2 vesicles/particles image  
7i2 vesicles/particles image  
7i9 vesicles/particles image  
8j17 vesicles/particles image  
2c7_2 vesicles/particles image  
2g5_4 vesicles/particles image  
5h24_3 vesicles/particles image  
6b14 vesicles/particles image  
6n7 vesicles/particles image  
6k9. vesicles/particles image  
6o11 vesicles/particles image  
7d21 vesicles/particles image  
7d9_2 vesicles/particles image  
7d7 vesicles/particles image  
7L22 vesicles/particles image  
8f2 vesicles/particles image  
8n21 vesicles/particles image  
6m10 vesicles/particles image  
8f7 vesicles/particles image  
8f13 vesicles/particles image  
7b5_2 vesicles/particles image  
5n11 vesicles/particles plus image